MHASWCT's origins are as a "mutual housing" association member of Neighborhood Reinvestment, now known as NeighborWorks. Residents of MHA properties are members of the association. Residents make up one third of the members of the Board of Directors.

A main goal of the property management services at MHA is to support the residents. We encourage and support Resident Councils at all properties with regular meetings. MHA board members attend Resident Council meetings, and beginning in 2010, Board Meetings are held at community rooms at the various MHA sites. Residents are encouraged to attend the board meetings and a time at each meeting is reserved for community participation.

Expanded services and increased involvement of residents will help MHA continue to maintain high occupancy rates, reduce maintenance costs and improve our communities. 


Please fill out service request form and it will immediately alert us of your concern. We will contact the proper channels and get back to you ASAP with a response.

Please enter your name, property address, city/town, a phone number where you will be available over the next 12 hours, email address, and your request. Give us as much detail as want to make sure we understand what you are requesting. For questions or concerns please contact Resident Services Coordinator at